The Beginning – The start of our D/s Journey

My journey has begun, I am going down this path with my wife, we have been together for almost 5 years married for 1 year of that. Our sex life has been good, but not great, we have had our ups and downs in this department, the age old conflict of our sex drives not matching up. Me being willing to get under the sheets at the drop of a hat, were as my wife takes a bit of time to get into the mood.

I could probably have sex every day, my wife not so much, once a week if I’m in luck!

When we do have sex it is good, we have played around with a couple kinky scenarios toys, light bondage, blindfolds but nothing too kinky our out there, all of which I have introduced to the bedroom.

My previous sexual experiences have been much the same, being sexually active from the age of 17. I have always viewed the woman as the one who holds the cards, if she is not in the mood, or doesn’t voice her opinions and feelings then sex or the introduction of a kinky idea is out the window.

I guess throughout my adolescent life, it was drummed into my head, No means No, don’t force yourself onto a woman, be gentle, be romantic, be kind, take her feelings into consideration, all of which is good advice, and prevents us from acting like cave men or womanizer’s. 

I never really considered that a woman might want a man to take control, and take that pressure off the woman. During the 5 years I have now been with my wife my eyes have opened, and slowly I have realised just how much she enjoys it when I take control of the situation, her surrendering to my will. Outside of the bedroom she is a very strong, intelligent and successful woman, which attracted me to her in the first place. She is not weak by any means, and for her to give me control over her mind and body in her most vulnerable state is a huge turn on!

I know that a man taking control in the bedroom is by no means, Kinky or living the BDSM lifestyle, but this was the start of my awakening, I was given the responsibility and power, now what was I going to do with it!

I started reading & gathering as much information as possible, and I am still doing this, that is what led me here. I must say the world of twitter opened my eyes, too see how many people are into kink and BDSM. Sharing experiences, pictures and ideas, I delved deeper and found myself enjoying the basis of the D/s Relationship. I don’t think we would get to the stage of living the life 24/7, and for now it is purely on a sexual level.

If you never Test and explore your limits you will never know them, we will never discover anything new about ourselves or our lover if we don’t take the journey. I think by delving into BDSM we will open our lives to new experiences, grow as a couple and as individuals. Nothing is set in stone, and our newly discovered appetite for some kinky play, and beginning the transformation into a Dominant and submissive relationship will take us down an exciting road, which hopefully will never end!